Healthy and Delicious- It’s a Wrap!

When I decided to go vegetarian 2 years ago, I never thought I would also decide to train for a marathon. Getting enough carbs, protein and nutrients isn’t hard, but it does take some planning. It’s not like I can just go pick up a roast chicken at Publix for dinner (although pizza does sometimes get picked up).

A common misconception is that because I run, I can eat whatever I want. But it’s quite the opposite. You know how really expensive cars only take premium fuel? Well if you want to be the Mercedes of running, you’ve got to eat good stuff! Minimally processed, mostly plants.

One of my favorite places here in Cocoa Beach, FL is the Green Room Cafe. Eclectic, fun, fresh, funky-everything that Cocoa Beach stands for. Yes, it’s as my friend would call it ‘hippie-granola’ but it’s inviting, clean and anyone can enjoy it.

Ribbet collage

This place serves vegan, vegetarian and also chicken and fish, all prepared in delicious sandwiches and wraps and all ingredients are organic (check our their full menu at ). I have a few favorites, but this night I was especially hungry and ordered the J-Bay. This wrap consists of brown rice, black beans, corn, banana peppers, zucchini and cheese, served with a side of fresh salsa and chips.


If you’re wondering, yes, I ate the whole thing. Fresh teas and smoothies abound as well. The Green Room Smoothie is practically a meal in itself, full of soy protein, bee pollen, flaxmeal and a bunch of other ‘good for you’ ingredients.

While my husband and I were dining, a man came in to pick up a to go order and said ‘My wife is pregnant and she craves this place every week. I have to drive here from Merritt Island (15 min. away) to satisfy her craving.

It really is that good.

Many people pick up fast food when they’re pressed for time, and this is a great alternative and will keep you on the track to health. And you’ll also be supporting local businesses which is always a good thing.

What’s your ‘go-to’ healthy place to eat?

3 thoughts on “Healthy and Delicious- It’s a Wrap!

  1. Ditto the comment about that oh so common misconception. If anything, I am way more careful about what I eat because I am a runner. I have begun leaning more towards a plant-based diet since I became a more serious runner.

  2. Thanks for your comment on my blog! I’m thinking of going more vegetarian and a heavier lean on plant diet, but I have absolutely no idea where to begin. I’m going to read Scott Jurek’s ‘Eat and Run’ and get some inspiration on recipes since he has one at the end of each chapter, but I’m interested to see what your suggestions are.

    • I loved ‘Eat and Run’, it was such a motivational and honest account of the many challenges and triumphs Scott Jurek has overcome. I never made any of the recipes though. I do recommend Brendan Brazier’s ‘Thrive’ book, as he has lots of energy gels (all natural) and bars and lots of salads. A great online resource and one I used to train for the half marathon is Matt Frazier’s site. Lots of recipes and an overall great blog. Thanks for reading!

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